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Needless To Say

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

I am really confused!

Needless to say, I am not alone in my confusion.

After years of not saying anything, I decided to give it try and write to you all what’s on my mind, because sometimes it seems really hard to handle it all, all by myself.

So please feel free to comment, give your thoughts and develop a conversation, and maybe we’ll create a small community of confused Artists, all confused together with their thoughts about Art, and Fashion, and passion and lust! Religion and politics (oh dear) and music and life!

Maybe it will be best if I introduce myself first:

My name is Orit Engel, I’m 34 yo, living happily with my wife, Isabelle, in Tel-Aviv Jaffa, Israel (will go into this subject in future posts).

I’m an Artist and a Painter, and occasionally play around with very short videos.

I graduated Art School about 8 years ago, and since then I have continued working in my studio, creating constantly, but not enough, as I find it hard to balance between my day job and the job that I actually want, which is of course to be a full time Artist.

I have just finished watching the Gucci Cruise fashion show, which blew my mind!

The set, the clothes, the christian signs and aesthetics, the models, the music, the atmosphere, the bulimia of sparks! Everything!

The spooky questions surfaced again in my mind:

Am I in the right field? Does contemporary painting has the same power it had in the past? Does it hold the power to change peoples’ vision of the world? Does it reach the amount of people to do so?

Is todays’ best way to be an Artist, to really push the boundaries of aesthetics is to be a Fashion Designer, or a Graphic Designer, a Film Director, to work in television and the media, to be a Musician and Performer who reaches out to a large audience all at once? To be really involved in what most of the public is consuming this days, and not to be locked up alone in my studio, with my paintings and my worlds.

Or is it still, in the end of it all led by Visual Artists who does it first and the rest follows?

I understand there’s a place for everyone, and that is the beauty of todays’ world and technology.

But as an Artist, I always strive to work in a medium that reflects my generation, and the way I see life. And while I always try all kind of mediums I always return to painting, and to the conclusion that I am a Painter, so should I stick to that?

Needless to say I am confused. Are you?

Lets talk.



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