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Holly Maria

Dear All,

It took such a long time to get back at writing. This past few months I have been working a lot in the studio and my day job, and a lot has changed in my work and kept me busy.

For a while now I wanted to write about an artist that I find very interesting and that I very much look up to. She is very much different from me and that’s part of what I love about her.

So here is Virgin Maria!

No… not the one in the blue dress and a baby Jesus in her arms, but a more modern, Italian, brilliant, renaissance women.

She is a performer on both real and virtual life.

She believes our body is our natural self, and for that it is beautiful no matter what.

She is a true Feminist, who was brought up in a very conservative environment, and there for learned that her body as a women is something to be ashamed of.

She is not a sin.

She is a nudist.

She uses social media (especially Instagram) as a media of art, manipulating its form to communicate her ideas in a very smart, contemporary way.

She is a presenter of the era we live in, for better and for worse.

She gets censored all the time by social media, yet keeps going on.

She gets criticized by men and women all the time, yet keeps going on.

She is very, very smart.

She is the contemporary answer to Marina Abramovic, in performances that uses the body pain capacity to test the spirit strengths by going into a mediative mode.

She manipulates graphics to change her form, to the point of looking like an alien.

She uses fashion and music to reach out for a broader audiences to enter her world.

SHE IS the modern virgin maria.

I believe that she is one of the greatest female artists living this days!

I love @imvirgenmaria .

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