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Orit Engel, is a multi disciplinary artist based in Tel- Aviv, Israel, working in the mediums of painting, writing and video making.

Born and raised in Eilat- A tourist city located in the most southern point of Israel, surrounded by the desert mountains of the Negev region and Jordan׳s Edom Mountains, divided by the Red Sea. Engel was influenced by the extremities of nature and their complicity of power, beauty and destruction. She turned to her personal biography to project the environmental boiling temperature resulted by living in a country with an ongoing conflict and wars, and the extremities of Human Kind as appose to those of nature.


Originally a painter, she developed from Hyper Realism which later on became the pursuit after abstraction, dark yet airy atmosphere, and gothic femininity.

In 2018 Engel developed a unique technique in which she combines textile dyes with water and oil painting, to allow her going back and forth between chaos and control. 

Since 2010, when she graduated Avni Institute for Art and Design, Engel has exhibited her works in a solo exhibition and several group exhibitions and events. 

Engel is driven mostly by music that contains intense lyrics such as the writings of Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, PJ Harvey, Nina Simon and many more… As well as literature, contemporary dance, and film. 

Her writing contains the same structure of her paintings, combining truth and lie with the binding of love to gather them under the dangerous manipulation of beauty.

She is currently working on having painting and writing as a one living source project.

Born 1984, Eilat, Israel.

Live and work in Tel Aviv, Jaffa - Givataym, Israel.





2008-2012  Avni Institute for art and design, Tel-Aviv Jaffa.

2008  The Open University, B.A in Humanities.  




2017-  'OROT', Pass Port Gallery, Tel-Aviv Jaffa.


Group Exhibitions


2021- ׳Bread and Roses’, Benefit exhibition, Sadnaot Ha- Omanim, Tel- Aviv Jaffa.

2020- ‘Relief’, La Culture Annual Exhibition, Beit Hatzeirim, Tel- Aviv Jaffa.

2019- ‘Bread and Roses’, Benefit exhibition, Hamekarer, Tel- Aviv Jaffa.

2018- ‘Bread and Roses’, Benefit exhibition, Sadnaot Ha- Omanim, Tel- Aviv Jaffa.

2018- ‘Art To Get’, Curator: Nir Haramat Artplace TLV, Tel-Aviv Jaffa, Israel. 

2018- 'Viewing', Curator: Nurit Tal-Tene, Jaffa Museum of Art and Antiques, Tel-Aviv Jaffa, Israel.

2015- 'Summertime', Curator: Nir Haramat, Artplace Artplace TLV, Tel-Aviv Jaffa, Israel.

2012 -‘Graduates’, Curator: Aline Algem,  Avni Institute for art and design, Tel-Aviv Jaffa, Israel.

2011- ‘Draining’,Curator: Assi Meshulam, Avni Institute for art and design, Tel-Aviv Jaffa, Israel.




2018- ‘Indie from the Drawer’, Video installation at the Yung Yedish, Tel Aviv Jaffa, Israel.

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